Chocolate Charms

Dear Friends

Yes, this is the month of romance!  Valentine's Day and I'm sharing my first chocolate charms.  I've been in the kitchen knowing the way to my Loving Mans heart.  Chocolate, it is the true food of Love!  A Little Chocolate history, in 1849 the Cadbury brothers created the first box of chocolate.  They also created the very first heart shaped box of chocolate.  My friend Claudia let me borrow these chocolate molds and these are my first chocolate charms.  I'm no Cadbury brother but every woman knows the way to her Loving Mans Heart!  I think they are so pretty and my Loving Man will enjoy one at a time during the month of Romance.  I also bought some ruffled pink carnations for myself and created a Valentines vignette for the kitchen.  I hope Cupid is abound at your abode!  You know he has arrows, right!

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